The Lotus in the Pond – Ambassadors of Sikhi

Ishwar Chitarkar10 young ambassadors of Sikhi, 7 girls and 3 boys, are on a mission to inspire and enthrall audiences with their melodious Gurmat sangeet and inspiring poetic presentations. These young torchbearers are a living indication that all is not lost in Punjab. They are the rays of a new dawn taking shape in our homeland. And this is possible through the efforts of organizations like the Satnam Sarab Kalyan Trust, which supports Gurmat Education for school children in the villages and towns of Punjab. How wonderful to learn about the intricacies of Pythagoras and the simplicity of Guru Nanak ji’s message all in the course of the same day. The balance of the temporal with the spiritual is after all true Sikhi.

Ambassadors of Sikhi

Guru Amar Das trained missionaries to spread Sikhism throughout the country. Of the 146 missionaries Guru Amar Das trained and sent out, 52 were women. At one time the country of Afghanistan and Kashmir were under the jurisdiction of women masands (priests). These women had complete jurisdiction in decision making, collection of revenues as well as preaching to congregations. Today these 7 young women follow in
these illustrious footsteps. The best missionary of Sikhism can only be that Sikh who leads a Sikh way of life. Our missionaries cannot be modeled on those of the Christian or Islamic faiths. Both these religions preach that only they possess the truth and those not reposing faith in their creed shall suffer eternal damnation. Nothing of the sort is claimed in Sikhism. So we have to think differently. Moreover Sikh missionaries are needed not so much for others but for acquainting Sikhs with Sikhism. The path these young Sikhs are showing us just might be the way.

Ambassadors of Sikhi

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