The Spiritual Care Service at Stanford Health

The spiritual care service at Stanford health care provides volunteers of multiple faith groups from around the world to visit with patients once a week at Stanford Health Care, Palo Alto.

They are looking for Sikh volunteers in the program that can visit with our SIkh patients and communicate with them in Punjabi and occasionally English.

The purpose of this volunteer service is to visit with patients and address any spiritual needs. Sometimes it is a familiar face, the ability to communicate in a language they are comfortable with and often the ability to read the Holy Scripture Guru Granth Sahib in Gurmukhi with another person of their own faith. We also provide support to visiting families and friends of patients.

Let’s be part of such meaningful spiritual programs. Please spread the word out in your friends and extended circle.

The spiritual care service at Stanford health

For more details – view and download the attached PDF – Click on the pdf icon, or right click and “save file as”


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