Baisakhi di Vadayian

On the occasion of Baisakhi this year, we share with you a stimulating collection of engaging art done by 3 Sikh artists, all of whom approach their work through personal experiences. These art works invite the eye to look closer and experience the empowering emotion captured in these frames.

Artist Gagan Singh, partook “Amrit” in May of 2000 at the Sis Ganj Gurudwara in Chandni Chowk-Delhi. He describes his transformation into a “Singh” via a letter written to “Princess”and his feelings towards his Kirpan in another piece. The personification of the “5 Panj Piyare” is rendered in an interesting manner in the other two art pieces. He lives in New Delhi.

Artist BS Malhan , travelled to all the major gurudwaras to create his stunning portfolio of pen & ink sketches. His sketch of the “Keshgarh Sahib” – the birthplace of the “Khalsa” captures the verdant cover of trees surrounding the magnificent Gurudwara building.

Rupy Tut, is a young artist deeply engaged with her community. She is enjoying creating these empowering calligraphic works while experimenting with varied genres including miniatures. She lives in Mountain View-California.

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