Sikh Fine Arts Calendar 2007 – Sikh Children’s Games


Paintings of children’s games in Punjab

by Sukhpreet Singh

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The Sikh Foundation 2007 Calendar features the work of Sukhpreet Singh, an up-and-coming painter from Punjab. Sukhpreet Singh was born in Ludhiana, Punjab in 1969 and has been painting in oils since the age of 16. He has shown his work in India, the US and Canada, and in England, Australia, Italy, and Russia, including an exhibit at University of California at Berkeley in 1997. Subjects of his art include portraits and scenes of rural Punjab.

Check out the sample pages to get a taste of Sukhpreet Singh’s subject matter and style. The cover image is of a Sikh boy playing with a toy truck, and the artwork for the month of January 2007 shows the game Chhatappu (also known in various parts of Punjab as Peecho Bakri, Tappa, and Samundar Patra).