Sikhs & Sikhism - A view with a bias


Sikhs are now a visible presence all over the globe. Their young, logical and practical religion invites considerable interest and attention.

Author Dr. I.J Singh
150 pages
The Centinnial Foundation, Toronto
ISBN: 1-894232-00-3

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Dr.I.J Singh has written a thoughtful series of essays on issues and problems confronting Sikhs at the end of the millennium. As a Sikh who has lived much of his life in a non-Sikh milieu in North America, he reflects on what it means to be a Sikh, the import of Sikh beliefs and practices with those of other religions and the experiences common to all Sikh immigrants. These perceptive essays challenge Sikhs and intrigue non-Sikhs. Religious, historical, social and political issues are debated. The age-old traditions and practices of the Sikhs are recast in language and concepts that are contemporary and relevant. Forthrightly but tactfully the essays engage issues that impact on everyday life, but without neglecting the magic and meaning of tradition.

This volume should be of special interest to Sikhs everywhere who are young enough to be inquisitive and questioning about their heritage. It should serve those who are looking for a more logical, rational basis for their lifestyle.