Sikhs Today: Ideas & Opinions


I.J. Singh offers a young voice and a unique world view of an egalitarian spiritually based religious community. Its values are remarkably modern and inclusive consistent with liberal humanistic thinking.

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Issues of war and peace, justice and human rights, equality of men and women; matters of caste, creed, color and gender have occupied us since humanity began its long journey. How to frame the dialogue between science and technology on the one hand with religious values on the other, promises more disagreement than constructive rapprochement.

In these matters Sikhi offers a constructive and hopeful paradigm.

In this, his fifth book of essays, I.J. Singh takes us along on a journey that attempts to bridge the issues that often divide us – people of different faiths. He presents a remarkable series of vignettes from Sikh teaching and practice that bring together views from the East and the West in a manner where they are less confrontational and more symbiotic.


“Sikhs Today is an eclectic collection of essays whose subject matter is as varied and vast as Singh’s capacity to comment on both the venerable and the ridiculous in the Sikh community, all the while drawing comparisons from other world religions, communities and leaders. The comparisons serve to both illuminate and contextualize Sikhi within contemporary times and current social milieu.” excerpt from review by Jessi Kaur