The Boy with Long Hair- 2012 Edition

A story to inspire any child to be self-confident
with their cultural identity.

Written & illustrated by Pushpinder Singh
Paperback, coloring story book,
26 pages

We no longer carry this title, but copies are available from the author

Ms. Pushpinder Kaur can be contacted via cell 408 679 75554

Published by The Sikh Foundation
ISBN: 0-9700363-0-2

(Teachers’ Notes available) This second in the Coloring Story Book series is a tale for all children who have felt isolated because their heritage has given them customs that seem strange to others. It is a story of a boy who knows that although people may look or behave differently, there is much that we all share. With his innocence and simplicity, the boy with long hair will warm the hearts of both adults and children. Line drawings can be colored by children so that the book becomes their own work.

A story to inspire any child to be self-confident with their cultural identity.

The Readers Share?

“It [The Boy With Long Hair] will do so much to make sure that hate crimes will not occur.” – Assemblywoman Judy Chu

“The book is meant to educate children about cultural diversity and help promote an understanding and acceptance of our differences.” – California Ex-Lt. Governor Cruz M. Bustamante

The Boy With Long Hair sparks our awareness of Sikh culture and makes accessible, to young and old alike, a taste of their rich heritage.”- Mary Melnick, 5th Grade Teacher

“It all started when a boy with long hair came to our kindergarten class. He was called a girl and I didn’t know what to say. Then I read The Boy With Long Hair and it all made sense… Children haven’t teased him since or asked him anymore questions. They just understood and accepted him.” – Donna Courtney, Kindergarten Teacher

“This story touched my students and I deeply… We used it to make judgments, feel empathy and to be proud of who we are.” – Florence Thisquin, 3rd Grade Teacher

“When we read The Boy With Long Hair and discuss the character’s experiences, we open our students to the uniqueness and differences in each culture.” – Nathan Pham, Elementary School Teacher

“Every September I read The Boy With Long Hair to my second graders while working on our friendship unit. We celebrate the diversity in our school.” – Thea Roseland, 2nd Grade Teacher

“An extremely important subject told in a very simple story!” – Kerry Brown, Editor

“This book made such a big difference in my child’s life.” – Pawan, mother of a Sikh boy