The Life & Teachings of Guru Gobind Singh


A simple and short book covering all aspects of Guru Gobind Singh’s life, Ideal for teenagers and young adults to learn about the tenth master of the Sikhs!

Authored by Jagir Singh Nijjar
Published by Pacific Printing Press, Fresno, California

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Noel Q. King, Professor Emeritus of History and Comparative Religions at University of California, Santa Cruz, have written the Foreword of this book. He says, "Guru Gobind Singh in himself was one of the greatest people the world has ever produced or seen. In addition, there was embodied in him that Sikh Guru ship which has dwelt in his predecessors from Guru Nanak onwards. Yet in trying to pass on the story and life of the great guru, we find it difficult to lay hand on books, which can convey even a fraction of the Guru’s magnificent greatness. The writer of this book so acutely felt this challenge that he resolutely determined to do something himself to repair the situation. This volume is the happy outcome of his endeavors.