The Lion & the Princess


The places where we live and the experiences we live through help shape and define us.

Publisher: Macauliffe Books Canada
Year of publication: 2018
Language: English Non-Fiction. Hard-cover, full colour dust jacket
Pages: 224, including 11-page Glossary
ISBN: 978-1-9994291-0-2

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The author takes us along on a journey of self-discovery. The stops along the way range from his experiences in childhood and boarding school, to interactions with his parents; from adventures after he moved to Canada, to worldwide travels and multiple careers. All of which weave a rich warp and weft of how he sees his Sikh faith, his interpretations of its practices and values, and how they have shaped him. There is a good mix of awe and wonder, celebration and introspection, liberally sprinkled with humour and irony, as we move back and forth between continents. Thus, standing “where the rubber hits the road“, he offers the worldview of the fifth largest religion from his personal perspective.

“[He] then reached into his inside coat-pocket. As he pulled his hand out, it was almost wide open but appeared to be covering something. He placed the hand slowly, gently, palm down on the glass tabletop right in front him. There was a slight metallic sound. He lifted his hand and slid it off the table … Everyone glared at the object … a Baby Browning pistol, glistening menacingly in shades of grey.”
from The Lion and The Princess.

T. Sher Singh has had multiple careers: author, lecturer, litigation lawyer, police commissioner, editor, publisher, and journalist, including stints as a national current-affairs columnist, travel writer, television host and radio commentator. He is also the founder of the online magazine, The Spinning Wheel Film Festival, the annual Guelph Lecture On Being Canadian, and Toronto’s annual Vaisakhi Gala. He now resides in Mount Forest, a village in rural Ontario, Canada.

A review by Sonia Dhami

The places where we live and the experiences we live through help shape and define us.

Tapishar ‘Sher’ Singh, author of this engaging volume of essays and a man of many talents, was born in the “…the land of Buddha and Mahavira, of Chandragupta, Ashoka and Chanakya, where Sita was born and where the heroes of the Mahabharta gambolled.”… Read the full review here