Drawing the Essence of Punjabi Folk Songs: Artist Prem Singh

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Twenty-nine years ago, artist Prem Singh, and his poet friend, Amarjit Chandan, made a pact on a sketchbook in Chandigarh. The poet would give him one-liner Punjabi folk epigrams and he would illustrate them. Soon after, the poet migrated to western lands and Prem Singh stayed behind. Both kept on creating in their own ways but Prem Singh did not forget his promise, even though it took years for the epigrams to appear on paper. Unlike his other work, this time Prem Singh put his signature and date in punjabi

The drawings celebrate the beauty of robust Punjabi men and women. In their longings and desires they appear vulnerable, hence more human. Male and female subjects in the drawings are full-bodied voluptuous beings carrying the emotional weight of their existence. These are not mere illustrations. A painter of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s reign used the verb “to write??? for “to draw???. Prem Singh has rewritten the folk epigrams alleviating their meanings.

Seeing is believing. See the drawings yourself and listen to them.


About Prem Singh

Prem Singh was born in 1943 at Patiala in Punjab, India. He received his MA Fine Arts from Punjabi University Patiala and the initial art instruction from the reputed Government College of Art, Chandigarh and later went to head the institution as its Principal. He also served as member on various Art committees in India. His works have been widely exhibited in India and abroad and today Prem Singh is one of the leading contemporary artists of India. www.canvasview.com

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Text courtesy : Amarjit Chandan www.amarjitchandan.tripod.com



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