Maru by Amardeep Singh

By Amardeep Singh

Amardeep Singh - Maru
Photo by Amardeep Singh and Courtesy of

Maru is a word representing sandy areas of Thar desert in Marwar (Rajasthan, India). This region experiences high wind velocities, shifting sand dunes, absence of water and salinity, posing a challenge for sustained human living.

In spiritual traditions of North India, Maru also depicts the thirsty state of a Soul that has failed to establish a link with Supreme Consciousness (Core Self).

Today I came across Maru while reading a verse of Nanak on page 148 of Adi Granth. It reminded me of a photo I had composed of barren trees in the Thar desert.

Nanak describes the state of a disconnected person as Maru, a land that fails to satisfy its own thirst. How much ever it may rain, the land remains devoid of humidity. He goes on to provide more analogies of the unquenched thirst.

Thirst of fire that engulfs everything that comes in its contact. A King can never be satisfied by the extent of his kingdom. Ocean always remains thirsty for more water.

Nanak describes his spiritual being similar to Maru. That is sheer humility by an elevated spiritual master.


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