Mera Gobind by Artist A.S. Chitrak

Mera Gobind - Artist A.S. Chitrak
Mera Gobind – Artist A.S. Chitrak

In 1979, Mr. A. S. Chitrak illustrated a comic series for “Dus Guru Sahebaan”. These illustrations led him to research further into Sikhism and its philosophy as a belief and not as a religion. He started listening to Gurbaani Kirtan every evening and reading every book written on Sikhism at that time.One day, while sipping tea on the terrace of his studio, he noticed a falcon sitting on the water tank, which ritually visited for the next one week. The falcon is said to be a symbol of the 10th master, Guru Gobind Singh, one with sharp vision and focus. It was the ultimate sign of motivation for Mr. Chitrak and thereon, he decided to absorb himself whole-heartedly into his next endeavor “Mera Gobind”.

Mera Gobind is an emotional perspective and vision of Mr. Anup Chitrak. His collection showcases the journey of Guru Gobind Singh through his eyes. Chitrak completely submerges himself into his work. He has been researching on Guru Gobind Singh intensively for over 5 years. Incidentally, the exhibition coincides with Hola Mohalla, a tradition established by Guru Gobind Singh, which also happens to fall in the month of March.Behind every piece of his creation, are numerous sketches, thorough research, inspiring music and true emotion.

About the Artist

Anup S. Chitrak was born in 1944 in Siddapur, in Karwar district. He had his first lessons in Hindu Mythology from his grandparents in the form of Pauranic tales. His grandfather & uncles being renowned sculptors and painters, art was always in the Chitrak family.

Mera Gobind - Artist A.S. ChitrakMeragobind – Artist A.S. Chitrak

He studied Commercial Art as well as Fine Art at the Sir J.J. School of Arts in Mumbai. He began as an illustrator in advertising agencies & later worked in publishing firms. After which, he worked as a freelance artist on numerous commissions for designing layouts of exhibitions and painting assignments on wide canvases.

He is comfortably ensconced in the contemporary art scene as a reputed name. The foundation of his work is the deep study and an almost intuitive understanding of the subject. He undertakes immense amount of research before every series of his paintings. His work is extremely well drafted and designed involving a lyrical style, all of his own.

According to him, Art is not only the best medium of self-expression, but also the answer to ones inner seeking – that speaks beyond religion and rituals. Indian mythology has a deep philosophical meaning and it goes beyond blindly followed traditions and grandmother’s tales.

Indian classical music has always been a great source of inspiration for him while conceptualizing and painting. Music elevates him to another world. There is a lot of depth in his work and rhythm in his brush stroke. Look out for the signature third eye in all his collections!

The tradition of art and its creativity has long prevailed in the Chitrak family. Mr. A.S Chitrak’s wife Mrs. Pushpa Chitrak, an ex-student of Sir J.J. School of Arts is also an artist. Vivid colours of Rajasthan along with the graceful figures & landscapes of the desert can be seen in her work. His son, Charudutt Chitrak is a renowned fashion photographer and his daughter Durga Chitrak, is an aspiring cinematographer.

As he puts it, “My life-long interest in mythology has given me energy to recreate myths and legends in a pictorial form. I plan to continue to paint mythology for a long time to come as I consider it as an infinite subject and one which is very close to my heart.”

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