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The Pistol of General Zorawar Singh

Sukhbinder Singh from the UK is a private collector of arms and armors. In his collection lies a pistol of General Zorawar Singh. The inscription on the barrel of the pistol is in Persian and reads “Maharaj Kanwar Zorwar Singh Ji Sahib”… Read More

Running for his Second Life

Sikh amputee known as ‘Indian blade runner’ finds faith, friends in Oklahoma – A surgeon took one look at his injuries and sent Maj. Devender Pal Singh’s broken body to a makeshift mortuary near a battlefield… Read More

Sikhs Read: A Soldiers General

A Soldier’s General, published by HarperCollins India, which is part of the India Today Group, is an account of General J.J. Singh’s life as a third generation soldier who rose to became the 22nd chief of the Indian Army… Read More

Let’s Celebrate Banda Bahadur Legacy Together

I am not making an outrageous statement when I say that Sikhism is at the crossroads. The religion is facing assault from internal and external forces. Its very basics are being challenged and identity questioned. In this dismal scenario it has not come as surprise that Sikhs are slowly forgetting… Read More