The Kapany Collection

The Center of Sikh and Punjab Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara hosted a two day conference on the 13th and 14th of Nov. 2009, titled “Expanding Horizons: Sikh Studies at the Turn of the 21st Century.”…View Slideshow

My Journey to Sikh Studies by Dr. Jaideep Singh

When I was asked to write this piece last spring, the first of several questions I was asked to address was why I entered this particular profession. The question turned out to be fodder for deep thought and reflection over the past several months, pricking and pervading my subconscious and conscious thoughts as I traveled throughout the summer. The months of contemplation on this topic have been alternately painful and insightful, as I thought about events and interactions…Read More

On Being a Sikh by Nirvikar Singh

As a schoolboy, I remember being very impressed that the word “Sikh” means “student” or “disciple.” The idea that we were Sikhs of the Guru, and that the Guru’s word was an essential guide to living, to be studied and understood, was very strong in my household, as in those of a multitude of Sikhs. There was always a space set aside in our house for the Guru Granth Sahib, and my parents…Read More