World War I through Sikh Soldiers’ Letters

The letters of Sikh soldiers project their courage, loyalty, will to win the war or die like Sikh heroes, following the Sikh tradition of martyrdom to fight against oppression. The letters narrate the conditions in which the Sikh soldiers and their compatriots had to fight. Sikh soldiers laid down their lives thousands and they lie buried all over Europe…Read More

A New Vanguard – Gagandeep Singh

Seventy days, twenty five artists, five sessions and a lot of art works, well defines the summer day-residency art program of Religare Arts Initiative. The exhibition featured multidisciplinary artworks. All artists were encouraged to find diverse threads within the unifying theme of…Read More

First Sikh-American at the North Pole

Arvinder Bahal has been on safaris in Africa, boat trips to Antarctica and explorations of the Galapagos Islands. But even with that imaginative itinerary, it’s hard to match the seal-eating polar bears and never-ending sunlight of his latest trip…Read More

Gurmukhi Fonts

Free Gurmukhi Fonts, for your computer. Here you will find fonts for PC, and links to fonts for Mac and Linux/Unix.
Fonts by Dr. Kulbir S. Thind. Instructions on how to install found here as well…Read More


Here you will find download material offered by the Sikh Foundation.

Sikh magazine Nishaan recently published two articles of interest to the Sikh Foundation community. Follow the links below to download pdf files, which you can either read on-screen or print out for easier reading…Read More