Gurmukhi Fonts

Free Gurmukhi Fonts, for your computer. Here you will find fonts for PC, and links to fonts for Mac and Linux/Unix.
Fonts by Dr. Kulbir S. Thind. Instructions on how to install found here as well…Read More


Here you will find download material offered by the Sikh Foundation.

Sikh magazine Nishaan recently published two articles of interest to the Sikh Foundation community. Follow the links below to download pdf files, which you can either read on-screen or print out for easier reading…Read More

Indians in the United States

An average American thinks of India as a distant and mysterious country with tigers, camels, elephants and people living in tents and rampant with poverty. Right from the days of Columbus, who had intended to find a new route from Europe to India to seek access to Indian spices, he confused the American natives as Indians – and up till today people have confused Native Americans with the real Indians…Read More

Drawing the Essence of Punjabi Folk Songs: Artist Prem Singh

Twenty-nine years ago, artist Prem Singh, and his poet friend, Amarjit Chandan, made a pact on a sketchbook in Chandigarh. The poet would give him one-liner Punjabi folk epigrams and he would illustrate them. Soon after, the poet migrated to western lands and Prem Singh stayed behind. Both kept on creating in their own ways but Prem Singh did not forget his promise…Read More