The Sikh Foundation has published a dozen books on subjects ranging from religion, history, art and culture of the Sikhs including children’s books.
It has also published two journals, newspapers, greeting cards and Fine Art posters.

Games we Play

2012 – Games We Play

The Name of My Beloved

2001 – The Name of My Beloved

Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms

1999 – Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms

Baba Ditta’s Turnip

1999 – Baba Ditta’s Turnip

Warrior Saints

1999 – Warrior Saints

The Sikh Times

1984-1985 – The Sikh Times – Echo Of The Sikh World

Sikhs and their religion by Prof. Ganda Singh

1974 – The Sikhs and Their Religion

1972-1977 – The Sikh Sansar

Sikhs in the USA and Canada

1970 – Sikh in the U.S.A and Canada