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Sikh Authors Speak : A Report

Around 60 members of the Bay Area Sikh community assembled in Hayward on September 6, 2014, for the panel, Sikh Authors Speak. Four writers spoke about their published works, their sources of inspiration, and their future plans… Read More

Games We Play – Slider Puzzle

More Puzzle Fun – For Kids and Parents! Play on computers or tablets! Choose an image and size and try to put these pieces together. The images for these puzzles are from our “Games We Play” Book and Calendar!… Play Now!

Games We Play – A Review by Gurmeet Kaur

“Games we Play”, a latest gift to the lovers of Punjab by the Sikh Foundation is a magical rendering of a child’s plays from the Punjab of yore; A Punjab that is still alive in our minds, blood and soul. This keepsake is an attempt to keep a part of culture alive… Read More