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Games We Play – A Review by Gurmeet Kaur

“Games we Play”, a latest gift to the lovers of Punjab by the Sikh Foundation is a magical rendering of a child’s plays from the Punjab of yore; A Punjab that is still alive in our minds, blood and soul. This keepsake is an attempt to keep a part of culture alive… Read More

Lovers with Language and Beauty of Panjab

Fascinating! Folktales! Punjab! These three words together instantly captured my attention. I was further hooked when I realized this set of three board books was for children. As a mother of 1-year old twins and an educator, I am always on the lookout for new resources… Read More

Journey with the Gurus, Vol.2

JOURNEY WITH THE GURUS, Volume 2, by Inni Kaur, Illustrated by Pardeep Singh, Edited by Manjyot Kaur. My eight year old nephew whom I lovingly call Sher Singh has been impatiently waiting for the Volume Two of Journey with the Gurus… Read More