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How To Live & Die by Khushwant Singh

Death is rarely spoken about in our homes. I wonder why. Especially when each one of us knows that death has to come, has to strike. It’s inevitable. This line from Yas Yagana Changezi says it best: Khuda mein shak ho to ho, maut mein nahin koi shak… Read Me

Reshaping Ivory Towers into Towers of Learning: A Lay Perspective by Dr. I.J. Singh

Sikhi has been around for over half a millennium and, like people of many other faiths, Sikhs, too, are people of a book. It seems self evident then that the intellectual process cannot be divorced from the pursuit of Sikhi.

In our existence now in a global village the needs of an ongoing dialogue with our non-Sikh neighbors mandates elaboration of Sikh history and tradition…Read More