An Interview with Jessi Kaur

An Interview with Jessi Kaur

Recently Sonia Dhami had the pleasure of speaking with author Jessi Kaur. 

Jessi Kaur’s new book Home of the Beloved is an elegant coffee table book that delineates the journey of the soul back to its true abode, the Source from where it emanated. It covers fifty concepts that comprise the essence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and is full of inspirational lessons learned from gurbani. Jessi Kaur describes abstract concepts with clarity and a depth of understanding that is both rare and illuminating. 

In Her Own Words.

When I write, I become the pen, the word, and the reader. I write because it is the breath of my life. I connect, inspire, and live through my creativity. 

My spirituality is the well spring of my joy. Through the anhad and anand the writer in me took birth. The experience of sukh and dukh, the dual wheels of the chariot of life, chiseled me. Heartbreak and pain broke me at times, but also helped me rebirth.

Gurbani is the elixir that renews me each day. My love for it is my superpower.

My books celebrate the life lessons gleaned from Gurbani. In my children’s books little people grow big personalities by learning compassion, sharing, forgiving, and become respectful of the diversity created by the Divine. My stories are full of hope. Grounded in faith. My creative process is directly connected to the Onkar aspect of IK or one Creator. When I am attuned to the Divine and experience proximity, I can taste joy and tap into the source of infinite inspiration.

My latest book Home of the Beloved delineates the journey of the soul back to its true home from where it came. It’s my journey and yours. Because all of us travel to the same home. No matter what path we take, we converge. At times I feel that the path is solid beneath my feet and my progress is steady. And then I stumble. I am blind sighted by my ego. Or react to the egos of others. I am getting to know the ego, both friend and fiend. I am learning to keep it healthy.  Home of the Beloved is a road map to that home which is beyond us and within us. I have etched it out from the magna opus Sri Guru Granth Sahib. While writing it, I often felt that I was a conduit chosen to share the spiritual cohesion of all that exists. The book’s elegance lies in its simplicity. It is a labor of love which I offer to readers in the hope it ignites a divine spark in them that starts them on their own journey.

Jessi Kaur.