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Sikh Studies: My Past, Our Future – By Prof. Van Dusenbery

It is indeed an honor to have been asked by the Sikh Foundation to write about my experiences in Sikh studies and my hopes for its future. This is especially so because I do not hold a chair in Sikh studies. In fact, teaching as I do at a small, liberal arts institution, I do not even have the opportunity to teach courses devoted exclusively to Sikhs… Read More

Sikhs and Studies: A Global Perspective by Jasbir Singh Sethi

This paper is an attempt “to view the total forest, not just one tree” and takes a dynamic view, looking “Completely Outside the Box”; in broad brush strokes. It gives a sweeping view of Education, in general and specifically Sikh Studies in an historical setting; roadblocks of various prejudices and biases, advent of newer methods, challenges… Read More

Of Flag Flyers and Flag Flying – by Prof. Lou Fenech

It is with sheer delight that I accept the Sikh Foundation’s request to contribute a short article regarding the history of my own fascination with the Sikh people and the various opportunities and challenges which face those of us committed to the academic study of the Sikhs and the various ways of expressing Sikhness…
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