Crowning Glory: A Visual Monograph by AK Sandhu

Crowning Glory: A Visual Monograph by AK Sandhu

This is Part I of a visual monograph focused on Sikh Americans who cover their head as part of their faith. The monograph is part of a larger project focused on photographing Americans who wear religious head-coverings and exploring the beliefs and values associated with their practice. I will be adding several photos to this gallery over the coming weeks.

My hope is that Crowing Glory will help to bring awareness to religious and spiritual belief systems that are not part of the mainstream narrative in America yet are critical to that narrative. The first part of this Monograph is focused on Sikhs and in the coming months I hope to include a diverse group of individuals from the Islamic, Jewish, and Christian communities in addition to a few others. These practices have shaped our Nation’s culture and are an important part of our national identity. By photographing these practices and celebrating them, Americans will hopefully better understand the underlying values of the diversity of faiths shared by their fellow citizens and have a richer perspective on the current state of our country.

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Part I of Crowning Glory, featuring Sikh Americans, released on April 13, 2016.
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