Kiki Kapany Produces New Discovery Science Channel Documentary Highlighting the Unseen Side of Silicon Valley

Kiki Kapany Produces New Discovery Science Channel Documentary Highlighting the Unseen Side of Silicon Valley

Indian American Kiki Kapany has executive produced “Silicon Valley: The Untold Story,” a three-part documentary series about the cultural, technological and intellectual history of Silicon Valley. The documentary will premiere on Discovery Science Channel March 19. ( photo)

Monday 19th March 2018, “Silicon Valley – The Untold Story” premiers on Discovery’s Science Channel at ​8, 9 and 10pm. ​

San Francisco Bay Area’s Silicon Valley is a region that has spawned or nurtured not just new products but whole new industries, from vacuum tubes to radio, microchips to personal computers, genetic engineering, the internet, mobile devices, and social media. Home to Apple and Facebook, Intel and Google, there is no other place on earth that can rival its remarkable record of innovation.

The full scope and drama of the region’s evolution will be revealed in “Silicon Valley: The Untold Story,” a new Discovery Science Channel’s three-part documentary series produced by Kikim Media, co-founded by Indian American Kiki Kapany.

It is produced with support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

The documentary examines how Silicon Valley has managed to stay on the cutting edge of innovation for so long and why its success has been so difficult to duplicate.

It will provide a comprehensive look at the century-and-a-half history of this fascinating place and reveal how and why it became such a fertile ground for technological breakthroughs.

“Silicon Valley: The Untold Story,” which is set to premiere March 19 at 8/7c, talks to some of the most prominent innovators who helped make the region what it is today, and to the tech entrepreneurs who are leading the Valley into the future.

In the past, Kapany has helmed projects like the Emmy-nominated program, “In Defense of Food” (2015); “Capturing Grace” (2014), a one-hour observational film that documents the intersection between those who live with a movement disorder – Parkinson’s disease – and those who move for a living; and “Ending AIDS: The Search for a Vaccine” (2005), widely praised as a compelling chronicle of one of the world’s greatest biomedical research challenges.

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