The Boy With Long Hair

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Author & Illustrator: — Ms. Pushpinder Kaur — Publisher: The Sikh Foundation
Approved by the California Department of Education as
Supplemental Instructional Material for K-3 grades.

Recognizing the lack of knowledge about Sikhs & Sikhism in the western world including the United States, and the need for educating the masses about Sikh identity, it is very important to include information about Sikhs in school textbooks and Supplemental Instructional Materials (SIM).

The Boy with Long Hair is a true story of a California-born Sikh boy. He was quite happy in San Jose. His family moved to a small town where they had not seen a boy with long hair. Here, no one wanted to play with him, or talk to him. His isolation saddened him and ignorance of kids around him angered him. This book tells the story of courage and triumph of this young boy, how he dealt with the situation and finally became happy as the boy with long hair. His unique identity was no longer a problem. Everyone in his school knew him as an intelligent fun-loving boy.

In the words of the author, Pushpinder Kaur, it is a story for all those children who have felt left out and lonely because their heritage has given them customs that seem strange to some people. It is the story of a boy who knows that although people may look or behave differently, there is much that they share. She states, “This coloring book teaches children to be proactive, finding solutions to problems. Children and teachers alike realize that we have many similarities despite our differences, as the boy with long hair points them out. This book sends a powerful message about respect for diversity of our nation (America).”

Pages from The Boy with Long Hair

It is extremely important that Sikh parents request the teachers of their school children to make use of these Supplemental Instructional Materials. Gifting one or all of these to the teachers and the Principal concerned will definitely encourage them to use these CDE-approved instructional materials, for education of the staff and the students. Readers are requested to convey this message to Sikhs throughout California.

This book is now available with the Sikh Foundation, Palo Alto CA. You can order your copies online at or call us at 650 494 7454 and email us at
Each copy is priced at $4.95 while bulk orders are eligible for discounted prices as below:

10,000 copies or more = $2.50
5000 copies = $3.50
1000 copies = $4.00

Praise for “Boy With Long Hair”

Page from The Boy with Long Hair

Assemblywoman Judy Chu — “It ( The Boy With Long Hair) will do so much to make sure that hate crimes will not occur.”

California Ex-Lt-Governor Cruz M. Bustamante — “This book is meant to educate children about cultural diversity and help promote an understanding and acceptance of our differences.”

Donna Courtney, Kindergarten Teacher — “It all started when a boy with long hair came to our kindergarten class. He was called a girl and I didn’t know what to say. Then I read The Boy With Long Hair and it all made sense…Children haven’t teased him since or asked him anymore questions. They just understood and accepted him.”

Pawan, mother of a Sikh boy — “This book made such a big difference in my child’s life.”

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Additional Information in the book:

1. Interesting Facts about the Sikhs.. 2. Talking Points… 3. Discussion Points… 4. Teaching Ideas



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