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A Lesson in Business: Preface to Jasbir Singh Sethi’s New Book Titled “Business”

A Lesson in Business

A Preface to Jasbir Singh Sethi’s New Book Titled “Business” By Brig (Retd) JS Grewal, Sena Medal, PhD (Mgt)  ...

Jews, Confucians and Protestants

Mr. Harrison directed USAID Mission in five Latin American Countries, after retirement was at Harvard University for eight years, then taught at Tufts University and inaugurated the Cultural Change Institute. His first hand experience in the field inspired him… Read More

Sikhs and Studies: A Global Perspective by Jasbir Singh Sethi

This paper is an attempt “to view the total forest, not just one tree” and takes a dynamic view, looking “Completely Outside the Box”; in broad brush strokes. It gives a sweeping view of Education, in general and specifically Sikh Studies in an historical setting; roadblocks of various prejudices and biases, advent of newer methods, challenges… Read More

Class of 2010: Children of Destiny

This time of the year (May to August), all over the globe, is an important land mark for young people and for their families, friends and peers. Thousands of young persons graduate from High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Technical and Professional colleges and institutes. They all are happy to have achieved a land mark in their lives… Read More